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I am originally from the UK and living in Sweden. I have been here for nearly 7 years and since becoming a house owner around 5 years ago I have been striving to grow as much food at home as possible.

I inherited a stretch of land from the previous owner, which was planted beautifully, but in need of some much needed care and attention. After success with the basics such as potatoes and carrots outside, and tomatoes and cucumbers in the green house, I wanted more growing time. This led me down the path of extending my growing season a little more into the colder months here in Skåne and looking into growing indoors.

Extra light and a little heat was my first thought. If I could start growing and seeding early, then I would have a head start for when the frost finally gave up around March April time. This works well, and I still do it today. I also entered the world of Hydroponics which is growing with water and nutrients. This allowed me to grow from seed to harvest all year round indoors.

I am a father of 3 and I am striving to teach them the value of growing your own produce, the health benefits, and the reward of seeing things go from tiny seed to on the plate at dinner.

I am currently a part of a large community grow, where we are cultivating and growing on strip of farm land. This is a wonderful project, and will provide further food security for me and my family.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, and I'll do my best to help you out, for now

Keep on Growing!


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