About Kristian Adolfsson

Strongest Skills and Recent Pursuits:

  • Photographer of most things that can be captured with a camera
  • Knows a bit or two of Image SEO
  • Web Design
  • Run a successful web-shop selling testing equipment for Fire Alarm System
  • Home brewer and beer geek
  • Known to collect a bottle or two of Water of Life, yeah that's whisky
  • Aquarium fish keeper
  • Guitar player

About Me

I was born in Sundvall in central Sweden early 1960's and have previously lived in Stockholm, Linköping, Kristianstad, and Malmö. I now live in a small village called Harlösa in central Skåne in southernmost Sweden.

I'm an electrical engineer by education and have worked with developing fire alarm panels at TeleLarm. I started my first company in the late 1980's and went full time running my own business in 1993.

Some of the web sites I'm involved in:


This is my main site for my Photography Work. I mainly shoot Architecture, Cars, Products, and Portraits. As a hobby I also shoot Birds and Nature.


This is a sub site with ONLY my Architectural photos.


This is a sub site with ONLY my Car photos.


This is a sub site with ONLY my Bird and Nature photos.

Other sites

You can find some of the other sites sites that me and Ian have made on the About page for Grow Zone:


This is a web-shop for buying Testing Equipment for Fire Alarm Systems.


This is a brand new site where I'm going to sell self bred fish, shrimp, plants, food, and equipment.