Can I use Hydroponics Nutrients in soil?

Hydroponics Nutrients contain everything that a plant needs to grow, and the results are astonishing when used in water only. You can also use your Hydroponics nutrients to help your traditional soil garden grow. The season for traditional Gardening has started, and you want to give your plants the best chance of survival, and get…

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How to make Chilli Flakes at home

Growing Bell Peppers or Chilli plants is great fun, and easy to do. They can produce very large amounts of fruit, which can be processed in a variety of ways. Making Pepper or Chilli Flakes is easy to do, and only takes a few steps, with very few things needed. When dried/dehydrated and stored properly,…

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Botanium Automatic watering Hydroponics Planter

Botanium Självvattnande Kruka vit / rökvit, tomatplanta | Self-watering planter / pot Smoke white, tomato plant, Grow Zone Scandinavia Hydroponics

The Botanium Self Watering Hydroponics Planter is an easy way to start growing using Hydroponics. Grow edibles such as Herbs, Tomatoes, Pepper Plants, and also grow Decorative plants with ease. Low maintenance, All you need to get started in the box, Plant – Enjoy – Harvest.

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