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Indoor Seed Starting setup for the coming growing season

*GALLERY UPDATED 15TH ARPIL 2024 As a test for the new LED Grow Lights, and to help get our seeds started for the coming growing season properly, I have installed...
Urban Grow FS110 mounted over a Harvy 6 growing pruple basil during a snow storm

5 LED Grow light ideas for winter growing

I have started to grow herbs in the kitchen, I have grown Bell Peppers from seed at the end of December, and have just transferred one of the plants into...
Urban Grow FS110 LED Grow Lights measuring 260LUX at point of mushroom growth

LED Lighting for growing mushrooms

Do mushrooms need light to grow? Yes. It is a common myth that mushrooms need dark to grow. Some mushrooms are purposefully grown in the dark in commercial production, such...
Indoors & Outdoors

Kratky Hydroponics: How to Set Up an Easy Passive System in 5 Steps Hydroponics is a great easy way to grow food at home all year round. There are many different types of systems including, DWC, RDWC, NFT, and more. All of...
Kimchi the Easy way Recipe and Guide. Highly Nutricious. Part 1

Kimchi recipe – Napa Cabbage, Simple ingredients list & 2 videos

Easy to make version of Kim chi that anyone can have a go at. This turned out very well, and there is a full video of me making it step...
Chilli Plant grown in soil and wood chips before infestation

Can I grow a Plant at night using Hydroponics and LED lighting? One of the benefits of hydroponics is having full control of the environment including, light, temperature, humidity, water temperature, nutrient level, pH levels, and also Darkness. In a Grow...
potato photo

How to Store Potatoes for winter

Summer is rapidly coming to an end, and your Potatoes have most likely run there course, and are ready to harvest and be eaten, or stored for the winter. Below...
Raised Garden Beds (Pallkrage) Ready for Spring planting & Nutrients

Can I use Hydroponics Nutrients in soil?

Hydroponics Nutrients contain everything that a plant needs to grow, and the results are astonishing when used in water only. You can also use your Hydroponics nutrients to help your...
My prefered consistency

How to make Chilli Flakes at home

Growing Bell Peppers or Chilli plants is great fun, and easy to do. They can produce very large amounts of fruit, which can be processed in a variety of ways....