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Roots of Pepper plant in DWC container

Growrilla Hydroponics DWC Kit – Detailed overview & Videos

DWC Hydroponics, is agreat way to get into Hydroponics fast. See thedetails of the DWC that we recommend, and why.

Peppers ready for oil_1.21.1

How to Preserve Roasted Hydroponic Bell Peppers in Oil

Peppers are a wonderful fruit, and easy to grow in the right conditions. Learn how to Preserve your Bell Peppers in Olive Oil in this easy recipe. Step by Step guide, Equipment list and Video.

White Flowers on Pepper plant

7 reasons why your Pepper Plant flowers are falling off

Pepper plants have a variety of uses, and are easy to grow if the conditions are right. The flowers are beautiful, and go on to grow Pepper/Chilli Pods to eat. These can sometimes fall off.

Botanium Självvattnande Kruka med Basilika | Self-watering planter / pot with Basil, Urban Farming, Grow Zone Scandinavia Hydroponics

Hydroponics Kits and Systems for the home (Easy to setup)

Hydroponics is a great technique that is easy for beginners, and produces fast growing, High yielding plants. In recent years many companies have taken simple hydroponics kits and systems and made them easy to use, stylish, and ready for home use.

Botanium Självvattnande Kruka vit / rökvit, tomatplanta | Self-watering planter / pot Smoke white, tomato plant, Grow Zone Scandinavia Hydroponics

Botanium Automatic watering Hydroponics Planter

The Botanium Self Watering Hydroponics Planter is an easy way to start growing using Hydroponics. Grow edibles such as Herbs, Tomatoes, Pepper Plants, and also grow Decorative plants with ease. Low maintenance, All you need to get started in the box, Plant – Enjoy – Harvest.

Kilner Preserve Jar two piece screw top 1 litre (0025.401) Copyright © All rights reserved. Kilner Jars / Rayware Group

How to test if my preserve jars have a good seal after canning

Preserving produce and cooking using Preserve Jars is one of the best ways to store food for the Long Term. Here are three ways to test if you have a good seal.

Kilner Kombucha Drink Set with Mugs & Muslin Cloths (0025.895) EU Copyright © All rights reserved. Kilner Jars / Rayware Group

Kombucha First Fermentation using Liquid Starter Kit

The first fermentation is an important step, and it will determine whether you will have a healthy SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) to brew again and again


How to grow tomatoes indoors with Full Spectrum LED grow lights

Grow tomato plants all year round is possible under the right conditions. Using Full Spectrum LED lights, and warm conditions, you can grow all through winter.

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Can I make a Kombucha starter culture from scratch

A Starter liquid or SCOBY bought from a shop is the best way to get your fermentation started. When added to a brew of Sweetened tea, it will quickly ferment.