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canning and jarring food for long term storage

Canning and Jarring Food for Long Term Storage

The phrase ‘canning’ can actually be a little misleading given that, particularly with home preservation, we don’t use what we think of as ‘cans’ (ie. the metal tins we buy at the supermarket) but instead use glass jars which is why the process is often referred to as ‘jarring’.


Drying herbs for storage

Drying herbs not only requires little effort but also little equipment. There is no denying that fresh herbs will pack the best punch of flavour and therefore more widely preferred but that doesn’t mean that dried herbs are any less useful or flavoursome.


Growing Herbs Indoors All Year Round

Growing your own herbs is not only a hugely therapeutic and rewarding hobby but also a great way to save money and become more self sufficient.


Fermenting Food at Home

Fermentation is a hugely popular method of food preservation which involves the chemical breaking down of the carbohydrates within foods such as starch and sugar by bacteria and yeast.

How to grow tomatoes at home

How do I grow tomatoes at home?

It is very easy to grow tomatoes at home. You will need a sunny window, some small pots, soil of some kind, and Tomato seeds.