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Kilner Fermentation Set with Ceramic Weights and Water Lock

The Kilner Fermentation Set with Water Lock, and Ceramic Weights, makes Fermentation easy. The Silicone Lid, creates a perfect Seal that is easy to take on and off, and is easy to clean. The included Ceramic weights keep your produce submerged, taking away any need to interfere with the Fermentation process. Simply add a small amount of Water to the Water Lock, just enough to make the float inside rise up, and leave your Kilner Fermentation set to Ferment at room temperature for the suggested time on your recipe.

What is the Kilner Fermentation Set?

Fermenting Produce at home has become very popular in recent years, with the rise of Pop Up Restaurants, and Street Food in general, Fermented Vegetables, are a great way to spice up a meal. Often found as a Side Dish, Fermented Foods such as Kimchi, and Sauerkraut are incredibly rich in Probiotics, and Highly Nutritious. With a small amount of processing normally using Salt, Vegetables can be left to Ferment naturally.

Is Fermented Food Good for me?

Yes. It is Highly Nutritious, and Rich in Probiotic Cultures, Vitamins and Minerals. There are lots of uses for Fermented dishes, either as a side order to your main meal, or mixed in and cooked with to make Stew. It is a process that has been used for a Long time, and one that has many Health benefits.

Is it difficult to Ferment Food?

The Kilner Fermentation Set takes the guesswork out of Fermentation. When using a Jar with a Rubber Seal, or a Screw Top, your Fermenting product will need regular attention, to ensure that the build up of gases in the Jar, can be released. There are lots of stories of Lids popping off and kitchens, and pantries and kitchen surfaces being covered in Kimchi (for example).

The Combination of the Large 3 litre Kilner Fermentation Jar, and the Included Water Lock take that problem away. Your Fermenting Vegetables or produce will be able to release gases easily whilst staying sealed. The large Jar, ensures there is lots of head room above the Produce, so that gases can escape more easily, and Fermentation can take place undisturbed.

Fermentation can also be considered an Eco, or Low energy Food source, as almost all Fermentation recipes require no cooking at all, and therefore no energy usage. They keep for a long time as well. Kilner’s Kimchi recipe which is included with the Fermentation Set, calls for you to consume your homemade Kimchi within 7 days. There are lots of different schools of thought on this, and from my own testing and experimenting with different Kimchi batches, it is possible to leave it a lot longer if correctly stored in Sealed jars, such as Kilner Clip Top Jars.

I cooked an omelette with a batch last night that is over a month old, and it was deliteful with no health ramifications at all. Having said this, always be sure to thoroughly and carefully check, inspect, smell and taste your Fermented produce before eating. If there is anything suspect at all, it is best to discard the entire batch.

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Fermentation is different every time, and that's OK

Creating a clean environment is very important in any form of Food preparation or cooking situation. Preparing vegetables for fermentation is no exception.

Even in a completely clean environment, the fermentation process will be changed by the air in the room. This can lead to a dramatic change in taste, and texture, and also speed of the fermentation process. The Kilner Fermentation Set can help to remove some of these inconsistencies. By using a Water Lock, you will not have to burp your Kimchi or Sauerkraut to release the gases built up, and therefore you will not expose your batch to the air each day. This will give you peace of mind that your batch will not be contaminated by any mold spurs, or anything suspect from the room.

Design and Quality of the Kilner Fermentation Set

The choice to stock Kilner Jars, was very intentional for us. The quality speaks for itself when first handling the Kilner Fermentation Set.

The large wide mouth 3 lt Jar is great to get produce in and out of, and very easy to care for. The simple yet study design of the provided Water Lock will last you for years to come, and the 2 included Ceramic weights are heavy well crafted objects that will ensure an easy Fermentation process every time.

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Kilner Fermentation Set / Kit / Jar (0025.839)

Prepare to Preserve this summer

The garden here in Sweden is going very well, thanks to lots of rain and strange weather. I have a good amount of carrots, Kale, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and courgettes. Most of these will be consumed straight from the ground with various meals. The rest will be fermented and or pickled in some way to Preserve them for winter. Since starting this website, I have begun to change my habits when thinking about food, and making food. For years now I have cooked exact amounts so that there is as little waste as possible. That has shifted slightly in that I am now trying to plan for what I can put away, Freeze, Ferment or Preserve. We have lots of great guides over on the Blog, and High Quality Kilner Jars for your Preserving/Fermenting journey. Also bear in mind that when you are happy with your Fermentation it is good to have a few other Jars to decant into, so that you can wash, and Sterilize your Fermentation Set, before starting the process over again. Check out our full range below, or over at the Grow Zone Shop.

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