Kratky Hydroponics: How to Set Up an Easy Passive System in 5 Steps

Hydroponics is a great easy way to grow food at home all year round. There are many different types of systems including, DWC, RDWC, NFT, and more. All of these Hydroponics systems require a power supply, and a pump of some kind, either water, or air or both.

The Kratky Method of Hydroponics is completely passive, and requires very little maintenance once it is set up. In this article and accompianing YouTube Video, I take you through the simple process of setting up a Kratky system from Nelson Garden the Harvy 6.

Whats included with the Harvy 6 Kratky Hydroponics System?

The Harvy 6 Hydroponics system comes with everything you need to start growing inside the box. This includes:

How to set up the Harvy 6 Krakty Hydroponics System in 5 Steps

Step 1

Remove the sleeve and take out the contents of the Harvy 6 and place to one side.

Harvy 6 Kratky Hydroponics System

Step 2

IMPORTANT – Before adding water to your Harvy 6 or Krakty Hydroponics system find a place where it can stay for the entire grow. It is not advised to move after filling with water.

Find the markers in the center of the Harvy 6 system, and fill up water to the START line. This will take 9 litres of water.

When doing your first refill, replace water and nutrients up to the GROW line.

Step 3

Take the included Nutrients, and shake the bottle well.

Take note of the dosage required for the Harvy 6 which has 9 litres of water when filled to the start line, then add to the water and stir.

Step 4

Replace the lid with the white side facing up, open your pre seeded pods, and find your baskets.

Add each pre seeded pod into each basket. Be sure to push them down into the basket if they stick out a bit. This will ensure that they reach the nutrient rich water beneath. IMPORTANT – Remove the sticker from the top of the pre seeded pod before growing.

Step 5

Once you have added all of the pre seeded pods to each basket and removed each sticker from the top. Gently place each basket into a hole, and push down until it clicks.

Thats it! You are now growing food using Hydroponics! It’s that simple.

Keep an eye on the growth of your plants, and check your water level regularly. When it falls below the GROW line in the center of the Harvy 6, you should consider topping up the water to that line, or even do a full water change.

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