Indoor Seed Starting setup for the coming growing season


As a test for the new LED Grow Lights, and to help get our seeds started for the coming growing season properly, I have installed some Urban Grow FS 110 Full Spectrum Grow Lights in a small room inside a hot desk office in my local town.

Community growing

This is the second season of the community grow here in Southern Sweden, and we are excited to start growing again, and start to sow some seeds. To help them get started before transplanting into the soil on the land, we have setup an indoor area for pre seeding.

We have 1600 square meters of growing space, and plan to have all sorts of food growing. The full list is yet to be confirmed. All the staples such as Potatoes, Onions, and Carrots will be present, as well as a selection of things for the tunnel green house, such as Pepper plants, Tomatoes, and Cucumbers.

Seed Starting setup and room

This is a small spare storage room in a Hot Desk space in town called Grow Hub. The entire building is heated all year round, and the space was unused.

There is a total of 8 x FS110 Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights in this setup.

It is great to see them working as intended, and linking so easily.

The LED Grow Lights are all powered by 1 x 180 cm Power cord. To reach to the shelves below, I’ve used 7 x 50 cm extension cords.

The room stays at a comfortable 22 degrees Celsius, and around 40-50% humidty. This Humidty is on the low side, which does require some more watering. Luckily there is always someone working at one of the desks there, so the plants get plenty of care.

Here are some photos below of the setup, and the plants so far. The best thing about this entire operation is the community aspect. People from all over the town have come along and added their trays, larger tomato plants, or range of hot chilli’s. It has even been a safe haven for people who are going away, and need a place to keep their seedlings going.

Progress since Update (15th April)

Being a working office, there is luckily always someone there to monitor the plants, and keep them watered as needed. The FS110 LED Grow Lights have performed very well so far, with a few adjustments needed along the way. Due to the shelves being in a fixed position, a few of the trays have been moved to a lower level, as the plants get taller. The Tomato plants especially have been moved to the floor level, so they are a good distance below the LED Light.

Check out this article for more information on growing tomato plants using LED Grow Lights indoors:

How to grow tomatoes indoors with Full Spectrum LED grow lights

Plants starting to Flower

More good news is that there are several plants that have started to flower, which is a good sign. The Full Spectrum LED Lights are doing their job, and working to give the plants every bit of light they need to survive and thrive indoors. See the details of the LED lights over on the website, including the Spectrum report from the lab.

Urban Grow website

Grow Tent Experiment

Along side the community pre seeding operation, I have moved in a small Grow Tent to further experiement with the FS110 LED Grow Lights. I plant to have the LED Grow strips mounted to the frame of the grow tent, giving a large amount of room in which to work with the plants within, and also for growth. Check out the video below to see an example:


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