LED technology is incredible, so much so that most Grow Lights on the market have moved over to using Highly efficient LED chips in place of normal filament bulbs, or other power hungry options. LED Grow Lights come in all shapes and sizes for all different applications. They range in power consumption as well, so it is important to do your research before making a purchase. For Growing anything other than leafy greens or herbs, look for Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights. Full Spectrum LED Grow Light panels consist of an array of different colored and coated LED’s including IR (Infra Red) on some models. These best emulate the sun’s light and will give you great results in the right conditions. The other option to consider if growing herbs in the kitchen window for example, is just to get a ‘White’ LED Strip or bulb. Leafy plants such as Lettuce or Basil, respond really well to this type and temperature of Light. See our range below, and feel free to contact if you can’t decide.