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A natural and environmentally friendly soil enhancing material. Improves soil/grow medium structure through aeration. Increases water and nutrient retention.

3 litre bag


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Nelson Garden

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A natural and environmentally friendly substrate enhancing material. Vermiculite is clay shale that, after heating, has a structure that both absorbs and releases moisture.

This natural mineral is used in many sectors, and is great for gardening. It’s the common name for hydrated laminar magnesium-aluminum-ironsilicate.

You can mix it into composts and it’s great for hydroponic systems.

Vermiculite has great insulating properties which makes it particularly good for covering seedlings.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Very lightweight
  • Does not rot, and helps prevent algae
  • Improves soil/grow medium structure through aeration
  • Increases water and nutrient retention
  • insulating

It can be used on it’s own, mixed with Perlite for Hydroponics, or just normal Soil for outdoor gardening.

It is also possible to germinate seeds directly in Vermiculite.

Chemistry: (Mg, Fe, Al)3(Al, Si)4O10(OH)2 – 4H2O, Hydrated Magnesium Iron Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide

3 litre bag


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Manufacturing Country: Sweden


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