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Kit: Grow Tent 9090, LED & DWC

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Kit includes:

  • Urban Grow 9090 Grow tent
  • FS01 – Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
  • 2 x DWC kits from Growrilla Hydroponics
  • Heavy Load ratchets for hanging applications

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Growrilla Hydroponics, Urban Grow

Product Description

This is a great growing bundle, to grow all sorts of plants all year round indoors. This kit includes:

Urban Grow 9090 Grow Tent

Our very own Grow Tent. A great size for a wide range of Growing applications and Hydroponics systems.

Large growing area, Strong White coated steel tubing, and cross beams for various hanging options.

Made from strong 600D (Denier) Fabric with a Highly reflective Silver Mylar Lining.

Lots of ventilation options, and inlets for power cables.

Keep on Growing!

  • 600D Polyester Oxford Fabric
  • non-toxic high-reflective silver Mylar lining
  • White-coating steel tube
  • D16mm.xT0.8mm
  • Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 180 cm

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light – FS01

Our very own Full Spectrum LED grow light.

A Full Spectrum Dimmable, LED Grow Light. Aliminium construction to keep down weight and act as an efficient heat sync for the LED Chips below. This low power, High output Full Spectrum panel is great for all stages of growth. Great for use inside a Grow Tent, or just indoors from germination, to right the way through harvest.

Full Spectrum LED panel with Chips consisting of the following Temperatures (Kelvin):

  • 3000K / 3500K
  • 4000K / 5000K
  • 6000K
  • 660 nm Red

Height adjustable ratchets – Heavy Load

Hang your LED grow light with confidence.

Great for hanging LED panels, Ventilation pipes and fittings, and much more in your grow tent, or around the home.

2.5 meter (8 ft) long braided polypropylene cord.

Max Load – 68 kg (150 lb)/pair

Growrilla Hydroponics DWC Base Kit x 2

Hydroponics, at it’s best and easiest to manage. Single Cultivation Pot DWC 19 Liters

Deep water culture is one of the most simple and efficient hydroponic growing technique, the plant grows in a net pot filled with a small quantity of expanded clay pebbles.

The roots develop immersed in a water-based mineral solution constantly oxygenated by an air pump.

This gives the roots a great amount of oxygen which increase growing process in terms of speed and biomass productions.

The new growing pots are made in black plastic inside and white outside, this helps to protect the nutrient solution from light hitting it and helps keep it free from algae.

In the same time the white cover will reflect the light and heat in order to keep the water cool and with a high ratio of dissolved oxygen

Growrilla hydroponics DWC system are made in non – toxic food grade plastic, to ensure the safety of your crops.

Included in the Growing kit:

  • Pot measures: 33 cm ( height) x 30 cm ( diameter)
  • Pot size: 19 liters
  • Air pump: Hailea ACO 2210 (78 L/h)
  • Level and drain pipe
  • Net pot 12 cm
  • Air stone+ 1 mt air hose
  • Rockwool cube
  • Clay pebbles

Further Details

Manufacturing Country: China, Italy




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