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Perlite Grow Medium – 6 liter

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A natural and environmentally friendly soil improvement/Grow Media. Perlite is a volcanic material. Add it to your soil to increase airation, and help roots take hold.

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Weight: 0.6 kg

Dimensions: 46 × 12 × 25 cm

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Nelson Garden

Product Description

A natural and environmentally friendly soil improvement material. Perlite is a volcanic material that after heavy heating becomes white and porous, almost like crumbled styrofoam. Perlite is mixed into the soil to make it more porous and airy. It gives the plants’ roots more oxygen and helps seeds to germinate faster and young plants to take root better. Perlite can be used together with Vermiculite which is moisture retaining.

Soil improvement: Mix two parts soil with one part Perlite.

Pre-cultivation and retraining: Mix Perlite in the soil to make it porous and airy so that the root systems can develop more easily.

Perlite is also a great Grow Media for using in Hydroponics.

Add your seedlings/cuttings directly into the Perlite. A cheap and easy to use Growing Media for Hydroponics systems such as DWC, RDWC, and Dutch Bucket. For smaller grains of Perlite like this one from Nelson Garden it is advised to use a net bag or filter in your Net pot, before adding the Perlite. This will keep the Perlite from falling through into the water and potentially blocking up your pumps/pipes etc.

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Manufacturing Country: Sweden

EAN: 7312600071209

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