Nelson Garden LED No.1 60 cm 15 W Grow Light

Perfect for the Harvy 6, the 39 cm LED grow light, is perfect for growing indoors all year round. Low power consumption and produces 6500 Kelvin Day light.

Dimensions: 610 x 25 x 7 mm


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Package Size


Weight: 0.48 kg

Dimensions: 658 × 148 × 45 mm

Brand name / Manufacturer

Harvy, Nelson Garden

Product Categories

Growing and Cultivation

Product Description

Good light is necessary for your plants to grow well. With too little light, they can become long and weak, with small leaves. With good lighting, it is possible to grow all year round indoors when there is not enough daylight available.

The Nelson Garden No. 1 LED 15 W is made for the Harvy 6, and is a great Grow light option.

During the brightest months, usually from March to September, daylight in a south window is sufficient to grow most plants and herbs. The use of artificial lighting during the rest of the year will give the best results if you are growing indoors.

As the plants grow taller and bigger, a light source is needed that can be raised up. To hang the LED strip, we recommend the Nelson Garden smart hanger with suction plugs that attach to both windows and tiles.

The LED strip comes with an adapter, and can be extended to widen your growing area. t is the perfect size to properly illuminate the Harvy 6, to grow your herbs and plants indoors, all year round.

Further Details

Manufacturing Country: Sweden

EAN: 7312600055667

SKU: nelgar-5566


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