TriPart Bloom by TA/Terra Aquatica

This product was previously called FloraBloom when it was produced by GHE.

1 liter or 5 litre TriPart Bloom (Original Flora Series). One part of the original 3-part advanced nutrient system for hydroponics, coco and soil.



129.00 kr379.00 kr inc. VAT


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EAN:  3760172780236 & 3760172780243


Brand name / Manufacturer

Growrilla Hydroponics, TA (Terra Aquatica)

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Growing and Cultivation

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Product Description

TriPart® Bloom

Provides the forms of phosphorus and potassium that your plants need to increase root formation and health during growth, and help fulfil their genetic potential to the maximum during flowering and fruiting. Use lower levels in growth, and higher levels in flowering.


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