TriPart Grow by TA/Terra Aquatica

This product was previously called FloraGro when produced by GHE.

1 liter or 5 litre TriPart Grow (Original Flora Series). One part of the original 3-part advanced nutrient system for hydroponics, coco, and soil.



129.00 kr379.00 kr inc. VAT


Weight: kg

Dimensions: N/A



Brand name / Manufacturer

Growrilla Hydroponics, TA (Terra Aquatica)

Product Categories

Growing and Cultivation

Product Tags

DWC, Hydroponics

Product Description

TriPart® Grow

Stimulates structural and vegetative growth, builds strong roots and provides the majority of the nitrogen, potassium and secondary minerals in TriPart®. Use higher levels in growth, and lower levels in flowering..


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