Harvy 3 Hydroponics Base Kit, White

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Easily grow fresh herbs indoors with Harvy pre seeded pods, and nutrients included.

Just add water.

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Weight: 0.9 kg

Dimensions: 38.6 × 15.6 × 14.9 cm

Brand name / Manufacturer

Harvy, Nelson Garden

Product Description

The Harvy Hydroponics starter kit with 3 plants, is perfect for a window sill, or kitchen counter.

Easily grow fresh herbs with Harvy pre seeded pods, and nutrients included. Just add water.

Very clear instructions included (in Swedish). The steps are as follows:

  • Fill the reservoir with water
  • Add the recommended amount of included Nutrients
  • Add the pre seeded pods (after removing the small cover)
  • Watch your new plants germinate, and start to grow. It’s that easy.

Harvy offers an easy introduction into Hydroponics, and once you have started, it is hard to stop. Hydroponics has many great benefits over planting in soil, or other mediums. Carefully selected growing nutrients, produce healthy plants. The included seeds, 3 x basil, and 3 x salad, germinate very quickly, and start to produce leaves soon after. It is incredible to see the roots growing through, and into the Nutrient solution below.

Further Details

Manufacturing Country: Sweden

EAN: 7312600055414

SKU: NGHarv3BaseKit


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