Kit: Harvy 3, LED Strip, LED Holder

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Harvy 3 Hydroponics kit, LED and LED Holder. Easy to set up, Pre seeded Pods and Nutrients included. Just add Water.

Hydroponics made easy.

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Harvy, Nelson Garden

Product Description

This kit has everything you need to start growing using Hydroponics.

The kit includes

Great for the kitchen work top, Window sill, or even the basement! The LED Small from Nelson Garden is all the light you need to grow your favourite greens.

The included Pre seeded Pods come with 3 x Basil, and 3 x Salad. So you can pick and choose what you would like to grow first. The Harvy 3 also includes nutrients, and

The LED Holder from Nelson garden is height adjustable, and easy to fit, giving you lots of placement options.

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Manufacturing Country: Sweden


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