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Botanium Self Watering Hydroponic Planter

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The Botanium Self Watering Hydroponic Planter is a minimalistically designed self-watering planter that enables you to grow herbs and vegetables using soilless growing technology.

Plant a seed, plug it in and you can leave it alone for weeks as it takes care of the plant for you.

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Weight: 1.2 kg

Dimensions: 33 × 15 × 15 cm

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Product Description

Botanium is a minimalistically designed self-watering hydroponic planter that enables you to grow herbs and vegetables using soil less growing technology.

Botanium is an excellent choice to complement any room design. Clean modern lines and design allow the Botanium to subtly grow your plants for you in the background.

Plant a seed, plug it in and you can leave it alone for weeks as it takes care of the plant for you.

Available colours:

  • Botanium – White Smoke
  • Botanium – Ash Grey
  • Botanium – Laurel Green


No soil

The Botanium Hydroponics Self Watering Planter does not use Soil. Instead your plants will grow in a special Growing Media (included). This has many benefits. No Mess. No insects or bugs that can infest your plant, and best of all it is reusable.

Built-in water tank/reservoir

The bottom section of the Botanium holds your water and Nutrient Solution. When you plug in the provided USB cable, water will be pumped up from this tank/reservoir, and feed your seeds/plant. The water then filters through the Growing Media, some is used by your plant, and the rest will return to the tank. This means that the Botanium can go on watering for weeks at a time before needing a refill.

Automatic watering

Set to a fixed 3 hour watering schedule, the Botanium will start watering as soon as it has power. No need to worry about overwatering or underwatering. The pump is whisper quiet, and only a trickle can be heard as the water pumps out of the top section. This allows for great placement options in any room.

Hydroponic technology

The Botanium is a self watering Hydroponics system with a closed loop of nutrients. Hydroponics is an ancient proven technique to produce high yielding fast growing plants and vegetables.
Grow anything from seed to harvest. Botanium has a range of pre packaged seeds, including Chilli plants, Cherry Tomatoes, and a range of herbs. It is also possible to plant any seed in the Botanium. Feel free to experiment with edibles, and plants. They are also great for Orchids!

Scandinavian design

Hydroponics systems are often bulky, and therefore not suitable for the home. Botanium Hydroponics Planters have a minimalist Scandinavian design that can fit into any room.

The Botanium Box includes:

  • Botanium Hydroponics Planter
  • Growing Media – Clay pebbles
  • Pipette bottle with Liquid nutrients – NPK 2.3 – 0.9 – 3.4
  • Quick Start and User guide
  • USB wall plug and Cable

How to get started:

  1. FiIl tank with water
  2. Add nutrients
  3. Fill growing container with rinsed growing medium
  4. Plant seeds
  5. Connect Botanium to power
  6. Sit back and let your plant grow!


Botanium Planter : 136 mm (5.3″) x 250 mm (9.8″)

Botanium Box: 326 mm x 145 mm x 145 mm

Further Details

Manufacturing Country: Sweden


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