Growrilla Hydroponics RDWC 2 System

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The RDWC 2 Hydroponic system from Growrilla Hydroponics includes:

2 cultivation pots, and one Control pot for circulating water Pump, and fittings. No tools required for setup.

A great start kit for the indoor growing enthusiast.

System footprint: 70 x 85 cm


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Weight: 5 kg

Dimensions: 37 × 37 × 50 cm

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Growrilla Hydroponics

Product Description

The controller pot constantly allows the solution to circulate through the 2 growing pots using a water pump (500 l/h), in this way EC and pH will be balanced throughout the pots.

The air pump (432l/h) connected to the air stones will increase the roots’ oxygen level speeding up growth and increasing the yield.

The RDWC Hydroponic System 2.1 measures 70×85 cm but you can shrink it to 60×70 by simply sliding the pipes further inside the growing pots. We recommend to use it in grow box from 0.6 to 0.8 square meter.

The growing pots are connected each other by 32 mm PVC pipes, this promote water flow through the system and avoids any kind of obstruction by roots.

The new growing pots are made in black plastic inside and white outside, this helps to protect the nutrient solution from light and keep it free from algae.

In the same time the white cover will reflect the light and heat in order to keep the water cool, and an high ratio of dissolved oxygen.

Growrilla hydroponics RDWC system are made in non – toxic food grade plastic, to ensure the safety of your crops.

Ease of use

This system is produced by grower for grower, designing it we looked to make it simple, efficient and especially comfortable when taking care of the plants.

You can assemble it in 5 minutes and it’s completely tool free.

Through the front tap you will be able to take samples of solution and measure EC an pH.

As well as emptying the system to replace the solution.

System footprint: 70 x 85 cm

Further Details

Manufacturing Country: Italy


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