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Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Strip FS110 – 110cm IP65 Samsung

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IP65, Samsung LED chips, Built in drivers, Daisy chain up to 50 units, Full Spectrum.

For all the indoor growers, vertical farmers, micro greens masters, and season extenders.

Does not include Power cord.

In the box:

1 x Urban Grow FS110 LED Grow Light

2 x Metal clips

2 x Philips head screws


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Weight: 0.5 kg

Dimensions: 117 × 5.2 × 5.2 cm

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Urban Grow

Product Description

Built in drivers

Perfect replacement for a T5 or T8 profile Fluorescent bulb.

Having built in drivers means a few things.

Firstly is allows the whole unit to have a high ingress protection rating of IP65, meaning that you don’t have to worry about high humidity, or even accidental direct water sprays, or mist.

Secondly, it gives the Grow Light a small form factor allowing it to be placed in a variety of configurations and places with ease.

Thirdly, having built in drivers allows the Urban Grow Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights to be connected multiple times with no need for extra power cords along the line.

Full spectrum using SAMSUNG LED Chips to take plants from seed to flower. (white LED lights are Samsung chips):

During the research for this product I asked myself what would be the most useful for growers out there, both commercial and home. The answer was always Full Spectrum.

Having a wide array of color temperature available to your plant gives it a great advantage through all stages of growth, from first true leaves, all the way to flower and fruiting.

100,000 + hours running time

Based on Continuous operation, this is a large number, much high than most equivalent products on the market. The Urban Grow FS110 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light will last you for years to come!

Link up to 50 units

Being able to link these LED Grow Lights together is a great feature. It can expand with your operation of micro greens growing, it can surround your vertical farming grow tower, they can be mounted close together to create a very large array covering a large growing area below. Extension cables are available for those hard to reach spots.

110cm fits standard shelving units

Standard sizing is important for people looking to replace traditional lights such as fluorescent who may have invested lots of money in shelving, and even mounting brackets etc, who want to move to the more efficient option of LED’s to lower costs and improve yield.

The FS110 LED Grow Lights, are 110 cm in length, and will fit nicely underneath most standard shelves from your local hardware store. This makes them a great choice for all types of growers.

45-65% savings when compared to equivalent Florescent light strip.

Switching to LED Grow lights will give you a considerable saving in electricity costs. This added to the incredible life span of the Urban Grow FS110, your costs over years of operation will be greatly reduced.

Waterproof rating IP65 (ingress protection)

With built in drivers and Threaded M15 connectors with an even higher rating of IP67, the Urban Grow FS110 LED grow lights can withstand all standard growing environments whilst turned on. The ingress protection code is broken down into 3 parts, IP standing for Ingress Protection, and the following 2 numbers relating to various levels of protection. In the case of this particular Grow Light ‘6’ stands for ‘Dust Tight’, and ‘5’ stands for ‘Protected against low pressure water jets from any direction. Limited ingress permitted.’

This rating is perfect for all types of high humidity grow scenarios, and even the odd accidental spray, splash or mist of the unit itself above your plants.

Top spec LED technology – 2.4 μmols/j

In simple terms, μmols/J tells you how many micro moles of PAR photons are produced by the LED grow light for every joule of electrical energy consumed. A higher μmols/J value means the grow light is more efficient at turning electricity into usable light for plant growth, making it more energy-efficient and cost-effective for growers.

2.4 μmols/j is considered a high rating when it comes to LED Grow Lights, especially when compared to High-Pressure Sodium (HSP) lamps which typically range from 0.9 to 1.7 μmols/j.

Standard T8 profile

Particularly good news for those who already have the infrastructure in place for old t8 profile strips. This makes the Urban Grow FS110 a simple choice to lower your costs, and increase growing efficiency.

Further Details

Manufacturing Country: China


SKU: UGFS-110-252P


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