Spider Farmer SF-2000 200 W Full Spectrum Dimmable LED

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Full spectrum dimmable LED panel, High efficiency Samsung Diodes, large growth area of 3 x 4 ft, and low power consumption of only 200 W.

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Packaging Size

Weight: 4.6 kg

Dimensions: 65 × 27 × 6 cm

Brand name / Manufacturer

EPIC Spider Farmer

Product Description

This Spider Farmer SF-2000 Full spectrum panel has the same high quality, High efficiency Samsung LM301B Diodes, as the SF-1000, and 4000. Consuming only 200 W, and with a large growing area of 3 x 4 ft. This is suitable for commercial growth, or an excellent home setup.

All New model (as of June 2020) Spider Farmer LED panels are linkable using the included RJ45 cable. This is a brilliant feature, and enables you to scale up easily if required. When the panels are linked via RJ45 cable, they are dimmable together. One dimmer knob will dim all the panels as one. This is a brilliant feature for Micro Greens for example, where all your crops are most likely in a similar stage of growth.

The Full Spectrum LED panels contain a full range of Diodes including White, Blue, Red and IR, at 3000K, 5000K, 660 nm and IR 760 nm. All of these individual LEDs working together can help plants during every stage of growth. The IR 760 nm diodes help especially during the blooming stage of fruit plants like tomatoes for example. This will help increase yield, and keep your plants healthy.

The panel is fully height adjustable with the included clips and pulleys. This will allow you to get maximum light to your plants at each stage of growth. The panel will also give off some heat, which can be very useful during germination of seeds.

Technical Data

Product Name SF 2000 new Version
Light Spectrum 660-665 nm, 3000K, 5000K, IR 760 nm
Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) 527 umol/S
Coverage Growth stage: 90 x 120 cm (3 x 4 ft)
Flowering stage: 60 x 120 cm (2 x 4 ft)
Light output (Lumens) ca. 34,500 lm
Power Consumption (Watts) ca. 200 W
Input Voltage (Volts AC) 100-277 V AC
Current Consumption (Ampere) 1.673 A @ 120 V AC
0.840 A @ 240 V AC
0.739 A @ 277 V AC
Frequency (Hertz) 50-60 Hz
Panel Size 648 x 268 x 59 mm (25.5 x 10.5 x 2.3 in)
Packaging Size 723 x 308 x 115 mm (28.4 x 12.1 x 4.5 in)
Gross Weight 4.64 kg (10.2 lbs)
Sound Level (Decibel) 0 dB
Warranty 3 years

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30 days refund or exchange

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Package includes

  • 1 x SF2000 LED Grow Light
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Hanger Hook
  • 2 x Adjustable Rope Hanger
  • 1 x User Manual for Installation
  • 1 x 2 meters Power Cord(US, UK, AU, EU plug Automatically send by region)

Warnings & Safety precautions

  • Do NOT touch LEDs while in operation
  • To prevent eye damage, avoid looking directly at the LEDs
  • In summer or in other hot environments, please use a cooling fan to keep a suitable temperature for your plants

Further Details

Manufacturing Country: USA




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