Nelson Garden

Kit: LED No.1 & No.2, 60 cm, Grow Lights

15 W - 6400K - 1,500 lumens

Article no: 5566 & 5568

For a larger growing area, Harvy Hydroponic Growing systems, Microgreens, Germination, Succulents, Herbs, and any indoor growing application.


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Weight: 2 kg

Dimensions: 70 × 15 × 10 cm

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Nelson Garden

Product Description

The Nelson Garden No. 1 LED 15 W with adapter is made for the Harvy 6, and is also a great option for anyone growing indoors when a decent light source is not available.

The Nelson Garden No. 1 LED strip can be used on its own, and plugged straight into the included adapter, or you have the option to extend the LED strip using the Nelson Garden No. 2 LED Grow light by attaching it to the first light No. 1.

This is a great option for a larger setup and gives you a much bigger growing area.

This bundle includes:

Nelson Garden LED No.1 60 cm 15 W Grow Light with adapter

Nelson Garden LED No. 2 60 cm 15 W Grow Light

Further Details

Manufacturing Country: Sweden


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