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Kit: TriPart Terra Aquatica 3 x 1 liter

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These products were previously called Flora Series when it was produced by GHE.

TriPart Bundle wtih 3 x 1 liter bottles cans, for hydroponics, coco and soil. Also available as a 3 x 5 liter Bundle.

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TA (Terra Aquatica)

Product Description

TriPart® Grow

Stimulates structural and vegetative growth, builds strong roots and provides the majority of the nitrogen, potassium and secondary minerals in TriPart®. Use higher levels in growth, and lower levels in flowering.

TriPart® Micro

Available in Hard or Soft water composition, TriPart® Micro is the foundation of the “building- block” system, providing micro and sub-micro nutrients and some complementary macro-nutrients. Use TriPart® Micro as directed all the way through growth and bloom.

TriPart® Bloom

Provides the forms of phosphorus and potassium that your plants need to increase root formation and health during growth, and help fulfil their genetic potential to the maximum during flowering and fruiting. Use lower levels in growth, and higher levels in flowering.

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Manufacturing Country: France


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