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Brand: Nelson Garden

Heat Mat for Germination 22 x 53 cm

Article no: 5560

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Help your seeds germinate faster, and your cuttings take hold easier with a Heat Mat from Nelson Garden. This 20 W IP64 rated double insulated rollable heat mat is a simple and effective way to help your seeds, and cuttings grow.


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Dimensions: 25 × 10 × 10 cm

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Nelson Garden

Product Description

This product is NO longer in stock.

It has been replaced by the product below:

This double walled insulated 20 W Heat Mat from Nelson Garden is a great way to get you seeds going, and make your cuttings stronger.

When germinating seeds, you can help the process by adding a little warmth to the underneath your tray, pots, rock wool cubes etc. Creating warmth underneath your new seeds will help them to germinate a little faster and take hold better in the grow media they are in. For cuttings, the roots will take hold faster and better.

Every little thing that we can do to help the process of growing along is good. Light, Water, and Warmth will get your seeds going in no time at all.

Specifications for heat mat 5560

  • Size: 22 x 53 cm
  • Power cable length: 155 cm
  • IP64 rated
  • 20 W
  • Double insulated

Further Details

Manufacturing Country: Sweden

EAN: 7312600055605

SKU: nelgarheatmat


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