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Nedis Zigbee Smart Door or Window Sensor

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A very simple easy to install Door or Window Sensor for use with the Zigbee Gateway. Can be used to notifiy you of a door or window opening, and trigger any other SmartLife Product, lights for example. Using the SmartLife App for android or IOS, it is easy to setup and automate your Smart Home.

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Weight: 0.077 kg

Dimensions: 15 × 7 × 4 cm

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This smart sensor will recognize whether your door or window is opened or closed and sends this information to your Nedis SmartLife application. To do this, a Nedis Zigbee gateway is required.

This enables you to do many different things automatically, such as notifying you when someone is in your house or send you a reminder when a door or window is left open. Send push notifications to your phone via the SmartLife App.

By combining this sensor with other products in the Nedis SmartLife application, you can trigger any additional Nedis SmartLife product on opening a door (e.g. light, smart plug or siren) or switch off a heater or air conditioner when the door is open.

Its compact size and the included battery with a lifetime of up to one year (with six triggers per day) lets you place this sensor anywhere you want (within a range of approximately 30 metres of the Zigbee gateway).


• Detect whether a door or window is opened or closed wherever you want – within a range of approximately 30 m from the Nedis Zigbee gateway.

• Fully integrates with your Nedis SmartLife application (through the Nedis Zigbee gateway) to combine with other smart products in automations.

• Battery powered for flexible placement

• Battery lifetime of up to one year

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Manufacturing Country: the Netherlands

EAN: 5412810329441

SKU: neddoosen


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