5 LED Grow light ideas for winter growing

I have started to grow herbs in the kitchen, I have grown Bell Peppers from seed at the end of December, and have just transferred one of the plants into a DWC in a small grow tent as part of a Hydroponics series all featuring my new products. The Urban Grow FS110 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, and its accessories. I have been preparing a few different projects which I have also been filming, and will eventually turn into YouTube videos over at my channel The Grow Zone (opens in new tab).

So far I’m very happy with the results, and performance of the FS110, it has a good light output, very high quality build, IP67 M15 connectors for the power cable and daisy chaining options, and best of all built in drivers, which allow the Grow Strip to be linked up to 50 times when plugged into a 230V power supply like mine are here in Sweden.

The LED Grow Lights themselves can be found here on the Grow Zone Shop, at their own website urbangrow.se (opens in new tab), and for sale on Amazon EU. Currently they are available in Sweden, Spain, Poland, and the Netherlands, and I’m in the process of getting them listed in the UK, Germany, Italy, and France. So keep an eye on the listing. If you are in a country currently not supplied, the chances are Amazon will still deliver to you, so check them out where ever you are.

Kratky Hydroponics setup for herbs and seedlings

Ok this snowy image is just a bit of fun, see more photos from inside of the Urban Grow FS110 hanging over a Harvy 6 from Nelson Garden. This was actually my first test of the new products, and I’m really happy so far.

The Basil seeds are growing well, and the tallest plants have now taken over and are reaching nicely for the Full Spectrum LED’s above. The Nutrients are from Bio Bizz, and are all Organic, another first for me, and you can see what I have in stock here (opens in new tab).

LED Grow Lights for Commercial Mushroom operation

Ok this is a cool one. My friend Viktor has been operating a small commercial Mushroom operation for a while now, and is looking to scale up and produce more mushrooms more regularly.

Contrary to popular belief mushrooms do need light (See Previous article – LED Lighting for growing mushrooms), and I put my hand up for a serious test of my new LED Grow Lights, and to help out with growing mushrooms. Mushrooms need a very high humidity environment, in the 90 range for most of the day to grow happily, so my IP65 rated lights seems perfect for this growing situation. The Threaded M15 connectors are rated higher at IP67, and only connect one way for a fool proof installation, and they are plenty bright enough to give our mushroom friends a boost during their day cycles.

Here are a few images of the mushroom tent just before being broken down, cleaned and reset.

LED Grow Lights mounted to the frame of a Grow Tent

This last growing example, is more traditional Hydroponics, but a new take on a Grow Tent lighting situation as far as I have found. The Urban Grow FS110 LED Grow Lights are 110cm long strips, with aluminum backs, and a T8 profile.

The tent I have picked out of stock for my DWC testing is 60 x 60 x 140 cm, so there would be no option to hang the lights traditionally from the top of the tent facing down. The FS110 LED strips do however fit very nicely on the upright sections of the tents frame, which are 140 cm long.

This could be a complete fail, or the most efficient use of a grow tent ever. If this works, I will have freed up a huge amount of space in the tent which would otherwise be taken up with hanging LED panel, and its various pulleys and mounts. Check out the images below, and feel free to comment here if you think I’m a genius, or have gone mad.

To further this experiment, I have toyed with adding a further 2 LED strips to the far corners of the tent, for an all around Full Spectrum experience, using the Urban Grow Extensions to help my cable route.

LED Grow Light strips mounted to a shelf for micro greens

In this last growing example which I have mounted the lights on but have not started growing with yet, the Urban Grow LED strips are mounted on the underside of a standard metal garage shelf, and are positioned beside each other 2 by 2 for maximum lighting operation.

My idea here is to grow Micro greens, and sprouts perhaps, and to showcase the use of these lights in a home scenario to help you produce fresh herbs and nutrient rich greens and salads for you and your family all year round.

All of these lights are run from a single power cord, and 1 extension cord, all available on Amazon for sale today. Check out the image below for some growing inspiration.

Starting and growing seedlings for the coming traditional gardening

I have recently had the first meeting for the second season of a community growing operation in my neighboring town that I am a part of. We have allocated an area in a nearby hot desk space for seedlings.

I put my hand up, and offered to help by providing some LED’s to help get things started that we can plant out onto the land later in the year. I have a few images of the space proposed, and will be linking up 12 x Urban Grow LED Grow lights to help pull some seeds up, and get excited for the changing of the seasons. A great test for my LED’s, and a great start for my community food growing operation.

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