Kratky Hydroponics Red Basil under Full Spectrum LED Grow Light – How to Harvest and Store

Hello again, fellow green thumbs! This is Ian, welcoming you back to the Grow Zone. Ever heard of the Harvy six from Nelson Garden? That’s the hydroponic setup where I’m currently growing some red basil. Grown using BioBizz nutrients—it’s a neat three-part solution that fuels my plants beautifully. Want to know more? Stick around, as today we’re diving into the process of harvesting and storing basil using this very system, all under the gentle glow of an FS110 LED light. Trust me, you’re in for a leafy treat!

The Marvel that is Hydroponic Gardening: Welcoming Technology into Nature


Hydroponic gardening is something I’ve embraced over traditional soil-based gardening for a variety of reasons. The consistency, control over nutrients, and, not to mention, the sheer joy of seeing those roots thrive in water! My setup involves the Harvy six system which makes managing my basil plants a breeze.

Why the Full Spectrum FS110 LED Light?


The FS in FS110 stands for Full Spectrum. This means that it emits all wavelengths of light needed by plants at all stages of growth, mimicking the natural sunlight. This LED light has profoundly impacted how my red basil grows—more vibrant, fuller, and faster than ever.

Nourishing with BioBizz Nutrients


When it comes to nutrients, I keep it organic. The BioBizz nutrients I use come as a three-part solution.

Harvesting Time: Big, Bold Basil Leaves


Harvesting hydroponic basil is a delightful experience—especially when it’s the third round of trimming! These basil leaves get so lush and big under the LED lights ( link) that it adds an element of wonder every time I snip them.

Trimming Techniques

“When trimming, I aim for a substantial cut to promote more growth. For instance, clearing the larger leaves allows the smaller ones below to get exposed to more light.”

This method ensures smaller leaves get their share of light and space to flourish. It’s about making strategic cuts so that even the plants at the bottom get to soak up all they need.

Storing Basil: Freshness in a Box


Now, there’s no joy like snipping fresh basil off your hydroponic setup and straight into storage for later use. Here’s how I do it: I take freshly harvested basil leaves, place them in a small container, and then straight into the freezer. This way, they remain as fresh as if you’ve just plucked them from the plant. And when needed, they are perfect for throwing into salads, sauces, or any dish calling for a splash of green.

Variations in Trimming and Storing

Of course, there are numerous ways to trim and preserve basil. Some prefer drying it, while others, like myself, love being able to use fresh-frozen basil.


Continuous Growth: A Peek into the Hydroponic Life Cycle

Post-trimming, while the setup might look sparse, it’s all part of the process. New leaves will start to peek out soon enough, continuing the growth cycle. It’s also crucial to keep an eye on the water levels—topping up the Harvy six system ensures the roots always have access to nutrients dissolved in the water. No extra nutrients for now, though, as the plants are thriving well with what they have.

A Look at the Roots


A glance at the roots often tells you about the overall health of your plants. In my case, using organic nutrients lends the roots a slightly darker color—a sign they’re absorbing what’s in the water effectively.


Wrapping Up: From Seed to Harvest

As we wrap up today’s session in the Grow Zone, remember—whether it’s maintaining water levels or watching those LEDs do their work, every bit contributes to the lush growth of your hydroponic plants. Stay tuned for more insights and keep those green fingers working!

For those hungry for more details or on how to manage your Harvy six setup, check out other available blog posts and tips I’ve shared below. Until next time, keep growing and let your gardening adventures flourish under the perfect grow lights!

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