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Botanium Self Watering Hydroponics Planter

Botanium is a minimalistically designed self-watering hydroponic planter that enables you to grow herbs and vegetables using soil less growing technology.

Playlist includes:

  • Unboxing
  • Setup and planting seeds
  • Refill and view Tomato plant update
  • Week 8 update with first Fruit

DIY DWC (Deep Water Culture)

There are lots of pre made Hydroponics systems on the market, but sometimes it's just better to have a go yourself! In this playlist we will show you various methods, and ways to make DIY Hydroponic systems. We have started with DWC, and grown Kale from seed to harvest.

Growrilla Hydroponics RDWC/ and DWC Setup and Growing

Everything that features the Hydroponic systems and kits from Growrilla Hydroponics. The kits and systems are super solid, and ready to put together out of the box. Just add water and plants!

Timelapse - Plants, Seedlings, Germination. RDWC, DWC, Kratky

Timelapse footage from our grow Tent, and Grow Room. From germination to seedlings to full grown plants. See the magic of plant growth in high speed!

Hydroponics in Grow Tent - Spider Farmer, Hydro Shoot, Pepper Plants, DWC, Growrilla Hydroponics

Follow our Grow Tent Journey from setup of the tent. We have since added a DWC grow container from #Growrillahydroponics, a Full spectrum LED grow light from #spiderfarmer, and #nedis smart sensors a humidifier, and fan's to control our environment. Everything is controlled with a Nedis Smart extension with USB and Power sockets. Great bit of equipment to automate your lights and other equipment remotely.

Grow Room setup process - RDWC, DWC & DIY Kratky Hydroponics

Join us as we attempt to Grow edibles using Hydroponics over winter in Southern Sweden. We will be using a variety of hydroponics systems, including an RDWC 4 container from Growrilla Hydroponics, and also a DWC single container inside a Secret Jardin - Hydro Shoot HS80 Grow Tent. Both the RDWC and the DWC will be lit by a Full Spectrum Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED panel. We will also be growing herbs and other salads etc using the kratky method in the Harvy 6 from Nelson Garden.

Nelson Garden Product overviews and reviews

Nelson Garden have been in the gardening business since 1933, and are one of the the main supplier of Gardening equipment and supplies in Sweden, and Europe. They have a wide variety of high quality items such as Harvy Hydroponics kits, LED grow lights, Organic seeds, seed starting kits, Seed pods for hydroponics.

Kilner Fermentation Set - Traditional Kimchi from start to taste!

Kilner Fermentation Set/Kit overview, and step by step guide to make Kimchi. The Kilner fermentation set includes a silicon lid, air lock, and ceramic weights. Keeping your fermenting food sealed is very important to avoid contamination.
The silicon lid is easy to clean, take on and off and creates a perfect seal everytime. Weighing your food down, so it is submerged is another way to stop your produce from coming into contact with air.
The 2 ceramic weights fit the large 3 l jar perfectly, and will help submerge your fermenting food. The included air lock allows the gases that build up as a result of the fermentation process to be released naturally, and when required.
My experience fermenting with this set has been great and I would recommend it to make your fermentation journey a little easier.

Kilner Jars Range

These high quality Jars are built to last. Kilner has been making these since 1842, and they remain the best way to store, ferment, preserve, infuse and keep your food or goods. These short videos demonstrate each product stocked by Grow Zone so you can get a sense of scale, and function.